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What is Boooom?

Boooom is a leading job board for design management and leadership opportunities. Our mission is to connect great design leaders with high profile opportunities, in a hand-picked list of organizations.

Why Boooom?

In one word: curatorship. We vet every single job to make sure companies are credible, have structured design functions and the job is really for a design management or leadership role.

What kind of jobs can I find on Boooom?

We cover both Management and Individual Contributor (IC) tracks. Titles within a Management track include C-Level (Chief Design Officer, Chief Creative Officer, etc.), Vice-President (VP), Head, Director or Manager. Some of these titles can have seniority or organizational levels attached (Associate, Senior, Global, etc.). Titles within an IC track include Principal and Lead. Some companies have hybrid career tracks, less common titles or a different understanding of each of these titles or tracks. Always make sure to check if the job description match your expectations for the role.

Are you focused on a specific city or country?

No, we have hundreds of job offers from top companies in 30+ countries, plus remote. You’ll find that many of our jobs are in cities with mature design markets (such as San Francisco, New York or London), but we’re not explicitly focused in a city, country or region.

Do job posts at Boooom take into account inclusion and diversity?

Yes, we want to live in a world where everyone has a fair and equal treatment. To the best of our knowledge we will never publish job posts that make any kind of discrimination, wether it is based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or any other.

Why doesn’t job posts have details?

Simple: to ease everyone’s life. By pointing job details to the company’s career page we make sure that there is only one source of truth. If the job expires or the details change, you won’t be seeing wrong information on our platform and companies don’t have to worry about duplicated and/or outdated content.

I want to hire junior, middleweight or senior designers. Can I post on Boooom?

No, we only accept job posts for design management and leadership roles. Although we’re sure that a junior, middleweight or senior designer role in the right company can be a very interesting challenge, our audience isn’t looking for that.

Can I post an anonymous job on Boooom?

No, every job post must explicitly show the organization’s name, role and location, and contain a link to the job details and application form.

Who are Boooom’s users?

Our users are seasoned designers looking for opportunities in leadership and management roles, both in design and advertising agencies or studios, in-house teams of well known organizations, and tech companies, from startups to FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google).

Who are Boooom’s partners?

Our partners are organizations working in the advancement of design management and leadership as a discipline, conferences, executive education programs, software companies, media outlets and any kind of company trying to reach high profile designers in top companies.

I want to write an article on Boooom. Where can I find more info?

Browse our Press Page and download our Press Kit. If you still have questions please drop us an email at mail@boooom.co and and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

My organization wants to partner with Boooom. Who should I contact?

Please drop us an email at mail@boooom.co with an overview of your idea and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you still have questions?

Please drop us an email at with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.